What happened in these last couple chapters is that Finny and Gene go to jump off the tree again as they usually do. Gene “accidentally” caused Finny to fall from the tree by wobbling the branches a little bit and Finny falls to the ground breaking his leg. Gene thinks to himself, “I was thinking […]

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An inner war

In the end of the book a Separate Piece the book ends with Finny falling down the stairs and dying. Finny falls down the stairs and dies, Gene realizes he has many inner demons that he has dealt with. He realizes that even though he didn’t go to war this was his war,Gene says: “Because […]

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Chapters 4-7, climax

Their relationship seems to resemble one of brothers. Gene slowly becomes noticeably creepy doing things like trying on Finny’s clothes when Gene looks into the mirror he sees Finny. This originates from his jealousy. Tension is rising for Gene has convinced himself Finny purposely shook the tree to cause him to fall. Gene is excelling […]

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Falling Out

In the book A Separate Peace, Finny and Gene co-crete this club for the summer and in order to be apart in it the initiation is to jump from a tree into a river; the trick was jumping far enough out so you didn’t land on the river bank and break something.  So far Finny […]

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Gene, Remember Who You Are

by Emma Honkola   When writing this post I was deciding between two topics from the section that greatly interested me: the way that Gene seems to want to be Finny, and why that Gene told Finny that he shook the tree on purpose so that Finny would fall. But then I realized that these […]

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