Blog #3 In this whole entire book A Separate Peace I have seen Gene feel lots of regret in the beginning and the end of the story. Gene purposely shakes the tree that leads to Finny’s shattering his legs and him not being capable to do any sports ever in his life.  

Gene feels guilty and regretful his whole life since Finny never accepted Gene admitting that he was the one who caused the accident. In the book when Gene and Leper are talking in a room, Leper confronts Gene that he was the one who shook the tree and led to Finny’s accident and says, “You stupid crazy bastard!” His extreme reaction shows that he has been carrying his regret and guilt throughout his life. Regret is a bad feeling to everyone because lots of people wish that they could go back and change their actions, but they can’t. In people’s lives people can make mistakes and have regrets. 

There are two types of people; there are the people that can move on from their mistakes and there are the people who let grief get the best of them and can not get passed their mistake. But no matter what, in order to get passed the regret you are feeling, you have to forgive and make a separate peace with yourself. 

The reason why I picked this image since it captured how lots of the characters had regret of doing something they didn’t know that was going to affect them like Gene regrets having Finny fall from the tree and how Leper regrets enlisting in the war. 

– Becca Sibbett 


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