Blog #2 
As I read A Separate Peace I have seen a theme of competition in this story. we see the theme of competition between the two main characters in sports, academics, and relationships. The characters in the book, Gene and Finny share a friendly competitive side to them. for example, Finny is very athletic and Gene is not so he is envious of Finny. Even though Gene is sorry because he shook the branch he thinks to himself, “And I thought we were competitors.” (pg 58)

Gene was feeling competitive since Finny was always getting away with stuff, however, gene was also feeling guilty. Gene is very good at academics but Finny thinks it just comes easy to Gene but Finny is envious of Gene. Socially there is a feeling of competition because Finny is charming and can talk his way out of trouble and Gene is envious because he always follows the rules or the orders. Through this theme of competitiveness, the author compares and contrasts the two main characters in the book. This difference between them shows us how they can still be friends even though they are different and secretly are envious of the other’s strengths. 

I picked this image to show that Gene and Finny each have a feeling of competitiveness. Finny thinks that being good in academics come easy to Gene, since sports come easily to Finny.  
– Becca Sibbett


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