A Seperate Thought

I sadly had high expectations for this book, reading the intriguing back and glowing reviews, however I was very disappointed at the lack of creativity and found it challenge to finish.  It may seem harsh what I am saying however me and my fellow group mates all felt relatively the same way.  This book was predictable and unrelatable.  During our last group discussion we realized that in our first meeting we practically guessed the rest of the book, and either we were very good at analyzing and predicting based on the given characteristics of the characters and how the plot had began to play out or, what we think, the book was just wasn’t very unique.  I also feel the author didn’t quite capture the characteristics of teenagers.  My self being one found it difficult to relate to the characters and that their actions weren’t played out how I think they would have been if it had been in real life with real teens.

  • Take into account your best thinking about the book as a whole
  • Evaluate the book as a piece of literature
  • Reflect on the process of reading this book with your group

By: Kyra Smith-Stewart


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