What happened in these last couple chapters is that Finny and Gene go to jump off the tree again as they usually do. Gene “accidentally” caused Finny to fall from the tree by wobbling the branches a little bit and Finny falls to the ground breaking his leg. Gene thinks to himself, “I was thinking about it…about you because-I was thinking about you and the accident because I caused it.” page 62. Gene is very jealous of Finny and this jealousy overcame him just enough to the point where he felt angry enough to try and make himself feel better by making Finny feel worse. Not just emotionally, but physically.  Gene confessed, “I jounced the limb. I caused it.” One more sentence. “I deliberately jounced the limb so you would fall off.” Finny would not believe what he was saying. He did not believe it to the point where Gene even questioned himself about if he meant to do it or not. 

Finny is a very manipulative person even when he doesn’t try to be. He takes over peoples lives. Gene has engulfed all of his time into hanging out with Finny. Gene has an imaginary rivalry with Finny, that is on going throughout the book. For Gene there has always been this burning jealousy between him and Finny. 65da2afcc434c65fd8a869ed2d0b3ac7


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