An inner war

In the end of the book a Separate Piece the book ends with Finny falling down the stairs and dying. Finny falls down the stairs and dies, Gene realizes he has many inner demons that he has dealt with. He realizes that even though he didn’t go to war this was his war,Gene says: “Because my war ended ever before I put on a uniform; I was on active duty all my time at school; I killed my enemy there.”(pg.196). Gene never says who his enemy is but I think he implies his enemy is Finny. Gene and Finny had an odd relationship, I think Gene was always jealous of Finny which is why he wobbled the branch, it was an action he didn’t think through but the deed had already been done. Finny was a very controlling friend towards Gene, he never wanted Gene to be better at anything than him. Gene went almost mad because of his jealousy of Finny, Gene explains: “Other people experienced this fearful shock somewhere, this sighting of the enemy, and so began an obsessive labor of defense, began to parry the menace they saw facing them by developing a particular frame of mind.”(pg.196). Gene wanted to be even with Finny but didn’t think of what could happen once he started going down that road. Gene became obsessed with trying to be “even” with Finny his emotions got the better of him. Once his “enemy” Finny is gone Gene is finally at peace, he tells: “Around them spread a beautiful New England day. Peace lay on Devon like a blessing, the summer’s peace, the reprieve, New Hampshire’s response to all the cogitation and deadness of winter. There could be no urgency in work during such summers; any parachutes rigged would be no more effective than napkins.”(pg.189).
In my opinion the book was good yet there were lots of unnecessary details that made the book less interesting. For example the author would talk about a conversation someone would have with the main character, Gene, and that would take almost the whole chapter. Also the author would introduce people yet they weren’t significant and could have been left out. Also from reading the back of the book it made it seem like the book was going to be about war but in the end had nothing to really do with actual war. Maybe the war the author was talking about was the war inside. Gene had lots of things going on in his head and he talks about everyone fighting their own type of war. In the beginning of the book Gene is friends with Finny and Gene becomes so jealous of Finny that he convinces himself he meant to wobble the branch when he might have just doe it on accident. He has so much guilt and Finny seems to take advantage of him and since Gene thinks he owes Finny he does whatever Finny tells him. Through out the whole book you look into the relationship of Finny and Gene through the lens of Gene. You look at the toxic relationship and the unfortunate events that led to the death of Finny.


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