Chapters 4-7, climax

Their relationship seems to resemble one of brothers. Gene slowly becomes noticeably creepy doing things like trying on Finny’s clothes when Gene looks into the mirror he sees Finny. This originates from his jealousy. Tension is rising for Gene has convinced himself Finny purposely shook the tree to cause him to fall. Gene is excelling in school trying to achieve the valedictorian. School is something that Finny is not talented at unlike his athleticism. Gene now feels a rivalry is between them, this is not addressed. One night they both go back to the tree. Finny steps out first when Gene gets on the tree the bend of his knees causes the branch to shake and Finny to fall. This fall shatters Finny’s leg. So far this is the climax of the book, after this fall their relationship takes a bad turn. Gene breaks down into tears when he learns Finny will never play sports again. Gene convinces Finny that he was not the cause of his fall. The seasons shifting from summer to winter represent a change in the story. Finny slowly puts together the truth. Gene enlist in the military. “Because my war ended before I ever put on a uniform; I was on active duty all my time at school” I think this is too much stress for any kid to deal with along school.


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