a fall

Blog #2 by kaianne segura

When Gene realizes the competitive relationship between Finny and him things start to change. Gene starts to study more and prepare for tests because he wants to be “even” with Finny, since Finny is very good at sports. Gene thought, “It was a pretty good goal to have, it seemed to me. After all he should talk. He had won and been proud to win the Galbraith Football trophy and the Contact sport award, and there were two or three other athletic prizes he was sure to get this year or next. If i was head of the class on Graduation Day and made a speech and won the Ne Plus Ultra Scholastic Achievement, then we would both have come out on top, we would be even that was all. We would be even….”(pg.43) Gene starts to figure that he wants to achieve things just as much as Finny. Gene thought Finny was trying to sabotage his studying and getting good grades in school. One evening Finny came to get Gene because another student wanted to join their club. Finny didn’t want to go since he had to study but also didn’t want his friends to turn towards Finny. Finny tells Gene: “I didn’t know that you needed to study. ” he said simply “I didn’t think you ever did. I thought it just came to you.” (pg.50). Finny tries to control Gene by using reverse psychology. He says you don’t have to go but really he wants him to go just saying the opposite thing to convince him. Gene has a thought that Finny is trying to keep him from studying. Finny suggests they do a double jump. Finny walks onto the branch and right after Gene does. The branch wobbles causing Finny to fall of the tree branch. Finny is in isolation for the next couple of weeks. Finny finds out he cannot play sports anymore.  During this time Gene is held up in his room. Gene is filled with guilt because he thinks subconsciously he meant to shake the branch causing Finny to fall.  I think he has so much guilt for even thinking that Finny was a bad person trying to get him to fail classes. He has so much guilt that he starts to convince himself he wobbled the branch of purpose. When he visits Finny, Finny almost has a thought that Gene meant to wobble it on purpose when he stops himself apologizing for ever thinking that. Gene now with even more guilt goes to tell Finny but is interrupted. Break happens and all Gene can think about is Finny. He goes to visit Finny and tell him what he thinks happens. Upsetting Finny even more, Gene leaves to go back to school. Finny arrives a couple weeks later and tells Gene he has to play sports if Finny can’t. Now that Gene told Finny, Finny is acting like he owns Gene and that Gene owes him. Which I think will cause problems in the future because of how controlling Finny is and how guilty Gene is that he will do anything. I think the book is called a separate piece because now Gene is half Finny because Finny is living through him. Gene thinks, “I lost part of myself to him then…..” (pg.77).


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