So far within the book my strongest prediction is that finny is over confident and I think that something is going to change about his personality. I also predict that Gene and Finny will switch roles. Gene is an inverted intellectual who prefers to be introverted which is the juxtaposition of Finny. Phineas/Finny is someone who loves to be in large groups and is very outgoing, but somehow finds a way to fit in with Gene. Gene is unlike a lot of people and is a very unique person who weaves his way into becoming great friends with his pears around him. Finny doesn’t like to follow the rules, but ironically has this longing to join the military. Considering Finny has this rebellious personality makes it very odd that he has this craving to join the military which is completely based upon various rules and restrictions. “There was no harm in taking aim, even if the target was a dream.” This quote refers to Finny’s dream of entering the military. Maybe this more of a day dream than a real one. 



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