A Unique Cast

The main character, Gene’s best friend,Phineas, or better known as Finny is a very complex person who is fearless, confident and good at everything.  Finny has always been ignorant to the school rules and fed off of rebellion and spontaneity. Finny has always been able to pursued anyone about anything this leading him to be rebellious because he wants to be challenged and test his ability to escape any situation he gets put in. Gene on the other hand is introverted and shy, he follows Finny though his adventures even though he doesn’t always want to do what they are doing. I find Finny and Gene’s relationship very interesting because, they are complete opposites and I think as the book progresses it will show how they balance each other out and help each other expand and become better more well rounded persons. Finny pushes Gene out of his comfort zone and to try new things while Gene keeps Finny in check and gives Finny a sense of dominance and power in their relationship.   They also work well together because Finny likes to make his own rules and not have someone always arguing with him and Gene allows him to take that position.

By: Kyra Smith-Stewart


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