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The theme of this book is growth. Throughout the book A separate peace Gene, the main character is under constant development as his age grows. Him and his best friend both go through experiences that change Genes perspective on life. In the early chapters Gene puts together that Finny is attempting to sabotage his grades. […]

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Blog #3 In this whole entire book A Separate Peace I have seen Gene feel lots of regret in the beginning and the end of the story. Gene purposely shakes the tree that leads to Finny’s shattering his legs and him not being capable to do any sports ever in his life.   Gene feels guilty […]

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Blog #2  As I read A Separate Peace I have seen a theme of competition in this story. we see the theme of competition between the two main characters in sports, academics, and relationships. The characters in the book, Gene and Finny share a friendly competitive side to them. for example, Finny is very athletic […]

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Blog : #1 In the book A Separate Peace I have observed two main characters Gene and Finny. They are polar opposites of each other. Gene is a very intelligent, school-oriented student, while Finny, on the other hand, is a very good athlete and can get away with anything because of his charm. I wonder […]

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A Seperate Thought

I sadly had high expectations for this book, reading the intriguing back and glowing reviews, however I was very disappointed at the lack of creativity and found it challenge to finish.  It may seem harsh what I am saying however me and my fellow group mates all felt relatively the same way.  This book was […]

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